Crash leaves doctor with broken arm

The collision scene at Jalan Stenggang-Lundu.

BAU: A doctor suffered from a broken right arm following a lorry-car collision at Jalan Stenggang-Lundu on Thursday.

Bau fire chief Tawang Lingem said his station received a distress call at 5.22pm and despatched his men to the scene.

Upon arriving, the team found an injured man trapped in his car after colliding with a three-tonne lorry.

The victim, who suffered a broken right arm, was extricated from his car and handed over to paramedics for early treatment.

He was later brought to Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) for further treatment.

Tawang noted that the victim, 30, a doctor in Lundu Hospital, was en route to Kuching prior to the incident.

It was understood that both vehicles were travelling in opposite directions and the victim’s car had allegedly gone out of control before swerving into the opposite lane.

After clearing the debris and ensuring the situation was safe, the team returned to their station.