Curtin Malaysia advances in cutting-edge tech

(From left) Chiam, Phang, Pang, Lim and Tay at the NVIDIA AI Innovation Day in Singapore.

MIRI: Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) has established a Computational Intelligence Centre (CIC) for data analytics at its campus here.

Spearheaded by a research group led by Electrical and Computer Engineering associate professor Garenth Lim, the CIC was set up to support computer vision (a field of computer science that works on enabling computers to see, identify and process images in the same way that human vision does and then provide appropriate output), artificial intelligence (AI) used for data analytics as well as future delivery of big data analytics and implementation of AI and computer vision.

Facilities at the CIC, housed at Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Engineering and Science, include workstations equipped with high-end NVIDIA processing platforms.

Lim said the research group was greatly inspired by a visit to the NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Day in Singapore recently. 

The group consists of IEEE Curtin Malaysia Student Branch (IEEE CMSB) members — Tay Chuan Zhi (former president), Jonathan Phang Then Sien (technical head), Chiam Dar Hung (treasurer) and Pang Po Ken (academic advisor and lecturer).

(From left) Chiam, Phang, Pang, Lim and Tay at the NVIDIA AI Innovation Day in Singapore.

The Nvidia AI Innovation Day featured presentations by experts from NVIDIA and other leading companies including Certis, Smart Nation, Digital Government Office and Hewlett Package Enterprise, on Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and AI-related topics. 

A robotic dog equipped with a Xavier board powered by NVIDIA technology

Numerous AI products using NVIDIA technology such as a robotic dog, smart CCTV, smart shopping cart, human attribute analytic and other IVA were also showcased.

Lim said NVIDIA also showcased the latest technology for industry and developers to optimise the AI algorithm with platforms such as its NVIDIA DeepStream SDK, Nvidia EGX Edge Computing Framework, Nvidia Metropolis and Nvidia EGX — Edge AI Analytics Platform.

According to Lim, such leading-edge technologies are what the research group at Curtin Malaysia is aspiring to emulate and innovate. He said it is Curtin Malaysia’s aim to be a leader in technological research and applications in line with Sarawak’s Industry 4.0 and digital economy drives.

“AI is one of the key elements to enable Industry 4.0 to optimise the use of data resources from past history and available data. We also believe the use of computer vision will enable greater automation in the future,” he said.