Daily prayers allowed at all mosques

Photo: Bernama

KUCHING: Daily prayers which are conducted five times a day are now allowed in all mosques and surau throughout the state.

The Sarawak Islamic Religious Department (Jais) in a statement said for Friday prayers, it is only allowed to be conducted in mosques and surau that has obtained permission from the Sarawak Islamic Council (MIS).

“These guidelines are issued to be implemented in the State of Sarawak in accordance with the current ruling of the Sarawak Islamic Council.

“Daily prayers are allowed in mosques or suraus throughout Sarawak but for Friday prayers, it is only allowed in mosques or suraus or any premises that have obtained permission from the Sarawak Islamic Council.

“For suraus that have been given permission to conduct Friday prayers in the conditional movement control order (CMO) period, the permission is extended until May 31, 2021 or until CMCO ends, whichever is earlier,” it said on Friday (Dec 4).

Jais however said, the number of congregation is subject to the capacity of the mosque and surau where one-metre physical distancing is complied.

“However, if space is limited, the mosque or surau management committee can issue a guideline on the selection of the devotees.

“The method of implementing daily prayers and Friday prayers is as usual by complying with physical distancing.

“JKP can allow any individual to perform the obligatory prayers outside the main congregational hours provided the attendance is controlled by the appointed staff,” it said.

In the statement, it also said all activities including studies, lecturers, talks and courses are allowed with physical distancing except activities that involves physical contact.

It added, mosques and surau can be opened one hour before the azan and must be closed by 10pm every day.

According to the department, any individual under Covid-19 quarantine notice or having symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath is prohibited from attending all activities at the mosque or surau.

“MIS can withdraw the permission if any mosque or surau fails to comply with the instructions and guidelines. MIS can also change or amend these guidelines from time to time based on need,” it said.