DAP leaders should stop playacting

Lo Khere Chiang

KUCHING: Democratic Action Party (DAP) leaders should refrain from engaging in child’s play politicking instead help people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) assistant publicity and information secretary Lo Khere Chiang gave the advice following a footage made viral by DAP depicting Lo helping to unload and carry egg trays from a lorry at Kampung Bunga Rampai, which DAP claimed was merely a publicity stunt for publication and photographs.

“I felt very helpless, defenceless and infuriated about the twisted footage of carrying 150 trays of eggs that have been distributed at Kampung Bunga Rampai, on Wednesday.

“This has caused unwarranted misunderstandings, unnecessary politicking and personal attack on my character, especially during vulnerable times like this,” he said in a statement today.

Lo, who is also Batu Kitang assemblymen, added that it was of no issue when Pending DAP assemblywoman Violet Yong carried a pack of rice in a video.

“Everyone is doing their best to contribute in times like now. There should be no downplaying as everyone is doing everything they can,” he said.

 “I was also helping and getting ready for the village committee, donors and everyone involved for a group photo of this meaningful donation.

“Such a simple and harmless action, and it was twisted in such an unhealthy manner,” said an exasperated Lo.

Despite the backlash, Lo expressed his gratitude to all non-governmental organisations and societies for the contributions to Kampung Bunga Rampai, and in many other areas and kampungs restricted by Emco.

“Everyone has worked very hard and selflessly. People from all walks of life have spared no effort to contribute and help the disadvantaged.

“This Covid-19 pandemic is raging even more now with the Delta variant, but thankfully other than DAP’s politicking, we have been surrounded by kind and compassionate people,” he said.

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