DAP makes mountain out of molehill

Lo Khere Chiang

THE Democratic Action Party (DAP) is misleading the public by making an issue of the Constitutional Amendment Bill in the state legislature, said Lo Khere Chiang (SUPP-Batu Kitang).

He said the intention of the bill was to address the issue that anyone from Malaya can contest in the state election and represent constituents in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN).

“As it is, anyone from Malaya can come here and stand for election so there is a need to clarify the word ‘resident’ which is very loose at the moment,” he told a press conference today.

Lo said DAP is simply painting GPS in a bad light and that the party had a reputation of fielding outsiders as candidates in past election.

He noted that DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang had stood for election in every state in Malaya except Kelantan.

“We don’t want people like Lim Kit Siang and DAP members from outside to come to Sarawak and represent the people in the legislature,” he said.

He added the purpose of the bill was simple and of grave importance, commending the DUN Speaker’s decision to defer the Bill in the interest of Sarawak.

“I want the people of Sarawak to know, you are safe as long as DUN belongs to Sarawak. We are finished if we are like Sabah where people from outside are contesting in their elections,” he said.

Lo said, DAP representatives when elected were not able to make decisions in the interest of the people as they were subservient to their party leaders in Malaya.

“They are being led by the nose by DAP in Kuala Lumpur. Look at the member for Kota Sentosa, Pending and their promises for Sarawak.

“Where is the promise of returning 50 percent of the taxes collected from Sarawak back to the state and the 20 percent oil and gas royalty?” he asked.

Lo reiterated that with GPS in power, Sarawak and its people would be protected as they have not allowed outsiders to be fielded in state elections.


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