DAP rep wants free electricity for Sarawakians
By:Ma Chee Seng
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KUCHING: An opposition assemblywoman has called in the state government to provide free electricity to all Sarawakians.

If the state government has the political to do so, it can become a reality just by a stroke of the pen, said Violet Yong (DAP-Pending).

In her debate speech on the Supply Bill (2023) she said asking for free basic amenities like electricity and water is not a far-fetched request.

This is because Sarawak is blessed with high rainfall and abundance of rivers and we have built many dams to generate power, she said.

“We also have thermal energy from a coal fired power plant at Kampung Goebilt, Sejingkat, Mukah power plant, Bintulu combined cycle plant and Balingian power plant, just to name a few.

“Since Sarawak is rich and the state can afford to sell electricity to other countries, there is no reason not to allow Sarawakians to enjoy free electricity,” she said.

Yong said that Qatar provides free electricity and water to its people even though it is one of the richest countries in the world and that Sarawak is similar to Qatar in many ways, especially in natural resource wealth.

“Qatar records the highest level of annual GDP per capita in the world and the majority of the people are immigrants while only 15 per cent of the people there are natives. Their health care is also free.

“My take is, if Qatar can do it, why can’t Sarawak do it. This is all about managing our resources well and sharing the wealth appropriately,” she said.

She emphasised that it is only fair that the rich resources are shared among Sarawakians to lighten their burden.

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