KUCHING: Malaysia is a race-based country, so it is fine for any politician to champion his own race and Malaysians have generally accepted this, says political observer Datuk Peter Minos.

But what Malaysians did not like, he said, was politicians going overboard — making statements that incite racial tensions — to gain political mileage.

“Malaysia is a multi-racial nation. It will be this way, hopefully, for eternity and so there must be respect and acceptance from all races in Malaysia. 

“To me, all Malaysians are equal in the eyes of the law and God, and no race should control and dominate,” said Minos.

Commenting on an Umno youth leader’s remarks recently about DAP and PKR, Minos said this was expected. 

Minos said if the allegations — the Umno youth leader alleged that DAP and PKR had insulted Malays — then the Prime Minister should take note, but if there was no truth whatsoever to the allegations, then he need not bother.  

However, Minos was worried about DAP’s use of crude words and actions.

Recalling Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng’s remarks, Minos said Lim openly stated without any provocation that Sarawak would go bankrupt.

“That was very bad and uncalled for. Not to forget his treatment of Sarawak over the repairs of dilapidated schools.”

Cutting funds left and right, he said, was also bad, alleging that Lim used his powers as Minister of Finance to really hurt Sarawak. 

“This is unacceptable and intolerable. So I can understand why Malays in Malaya are angry with DAP.” 

He said PKR was not as bad “but then all of them are in PH – bad through association.” 

All these, he said, explained why PH was getting very unpopular, adding that one survey stated that PH’s popularity had dropped from 80 per cent, a few months after May 2018, to 35 per cent

“I am therefore not surprised if PH loses in the coming Tanjung Piai by-election and even the general election in 2023,” Minos said. 

He added that Dr Mahathir Mohammad, as Prime Minister, must do something about the bad ministers and bad policies from PH.