DBKU distributes rubbish bags to motorists

Junaidi (left) and Azaidie (right) handing out car rubbish bags to customers at the petrol station.

KUCHING: The Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) held a ‘Car Rubbish Bag’ distribution programme at Petronas Telaga Tiga and Shell in Petra Jaya on Thursday (Oct 14).

Over 400 sets of car rubbish bags were distributed at both petrol stations in conjunction with the Kuching City Cleanliness Month 2021, which was launched on July 17.

“Kuching City Cleanliness Month 2021 is part of our new initiative to ensure a clean Kuching, particularly in Kuching City North, by providing the best services apart from raising awareness among residents on the importance of keeping the city clean.

“These bags can be stored in every vehicle to reduce littering as well as foster a responsible attitude,” said DBKU in a statement.

The ceremony was officiated at by Mayor Datu Junaidi Reduan. Present were  Petronas Sabah and Sarawak regional retail Azaidie Selli and Shell Petra Jaya petrol station operator Laura Hartini.

Also present were DBKU Community Services deputy director Rudzaimeir Malek, DBKU Health and Environment head Henable Henry, Petronas Telaga Tiga Kuching Utara operator Nur Khatizah Abdullah, and other Petronas Sarawak Region marketing managers.