DBKU implements urbanisation programme

Dr Abdul Rahman (second left) is being briefed by engineers at the construction site of Pengkalan Sapi.

KUCHING: The Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) is implementing six projects under the urbanisation programme of its administrative area.

The projects involve improvement to the Protocol Road, Sarawak Botanical Garden, connecting route from Fort Magherita to Darul Hana Bridge, upgrading of Taman Perpaduan, the construction of drainage outlets at Jalan Masjid, Jalan Market, Lebuh Java to Sungai Sarawak and upgrading of Pengkalan Sapi tourism facilities.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs and DBKU) Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi said the improvement to the protocol road involved landscaping and planting of low and medium high trees.

“The existing trees along this road have to be cut down because they are over 40 years old and endanger road users.

“The landscape will also add to the beauty of the DBKU administrative area, especially in Petra Jaya,” he explained.

He said this to reporters during a visit at the Sarawak Botanical Garden today.

Dr Abdul Rahman explained that the Sarawak Botanical Garden, which is planted with 40 species of plants, would be the focus of the local community and tourists for recreation.

“Interestingly, this park is surrounded by important structures such as the State Legislative Assembly Complex (DUN) and Fort Magherita.

“Students can also come and make this park the best place to do their research that is suitable for their studies,” he added.

According to him, the connecting route from Fort Magherita to Darul Hana Bridge was developed to add beauty to the north of Kuching city.

Dr Abdul Rahman noted that the Taman Perpaduan or better known as Reservoir Park would be developed with various facilities suitable for leisure and recreational activities.

“This park has always been the focus of the community for recreational activities such as cycling, jogging and family recreation,” he explained.

He said that the allocation for the projects would differ as they fall under different departments or ministries.

“The funds can be channelled to DBKU or to other ministries or departments accordingly. The city hall will be the implementing body for these projects,” he explained

Also present during the visit was DBKU mayor Datuk Junaidi Reduan.