DBKU mulls installing CCTVs to monitor illegal dumping

Acting director of DBKU, Jumaini Haili (second left) and other officers visit an illegal dumping site at the Loba Kara Bridge, at new Matang – Santubong Road in Kuching yesterday. PHOTO: MOHD ALIF NONI

KUCHING: Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) is considering installing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras to help its enforcement officers to monitor illegal dumping of rubbish.

Acting director of DBKU, Jumaini Haili said installing CCTVs at illegal dumping sites was being considered. 

“We will still carry out monitoring through our officers. Even before this they also monitor, but it still happened.

“We will also request co-operation from JKR to assist us in monitoring illegal dumping activities via their contractors as they are still maintaining this road.

“One way maybe we will also propose planting trees along the road, but then they (irresponsible parties) will choose another place to dump their waste and in the end there is no solution to it.

“Therefore, monitoring is still one of the best solutions at this point of time and apart from that installing CCTV can also being considered. But like I said, this road is too long and if we install CCTVs here, they will dump their waste at other parts of the road,” he said.

Jumaini said this during a visit to an illegal dumping site at Loba Kara Bridge, Jalan Baru Matang/Santubong/Jalan Akses FAC, Kuching here yesterday.

“Even if we put up signage warning people not to throw rubbish at the site, people will still be dumping rubbish there,” he said.

Jumaini added that under the Cleaning by-law 1999, those caught dumping rubbish indiscriminately could be compounded RM500 and they could be fined RM1,000, if found guilty in court.

For second offence and subsequent offence, they can be sentenced to six months’ jails or fined RM2,000 or both upon conviction, he said.

“We want to create awareness and that is why we call the media. We go for awareness first and if it doesn’t work, then we are going to enforce the law,” he said.

Jumaini said besides the Loba Kora Bridge, other illegal dumping sites included Metrocity, Jalan Jambu in Sungai Maong and Siol Kandis, but on a smaller scale.

This place (Loba Kora Bridge) is the most serious because it is a new road and there is no lighting here which is ideal for certain irresponsible parties to dump their waste at night, he said.

As for bulk waste, Jumaini urged the public to contact Trienekens at 082-612300 to have the waste collected and disposed off for a reasonable fee of RM50 per tonne.

Alternatively, they can hire a container which cost about RM300, he added.

Meanwhile, Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd urged the public to refrain from dumping their waste indiscriminately as the problem is becoming prevalent especially at the city’s outskirt areas.

According to Trienekens’ senior manager of Logistics and Services, Sarius Lee, these unsightly spots are turning into a potential health hazard to those living in the area.

“We would like to seek the co-operation of nearby residents to manage and discard their waste responsibly without polluting the environment and their living space.

“If they have excessive or bulk waste, especially small traders, the waste can be disposed off at the nearest designated centres.  For those who have renovation waste, large size containers such as the RoRo containers are also available for rent,” he said.