DBKU restructures to improve service quality

Junaidi (second right) presents an award to a staff member.

KUCHING: Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) will undergo a restructuring of its officers to improve service quality said its mayor Datuk Junaidi Reduan.

He said the restructuring would take place this year to ensure a more appropriate and effective day-to-day business.

“As an agency responsible for providing services to the community, we must strive to ensure that DBKU is committed, efficient and of high integrity.

“Therefore, each staff must work as a family and give their fullest support to ensure that the work can be carried out and implemented successfully,” he said today.

He reiterated that DBKU should emphasise cooperation within the team to build a high quality service to all communities throughout its 370 square kilometres jurisdiction.

“I would like to call on all DBKU staff to foster a spirit of cooperation between agency officers and always be respectful in order to improve the quality and reputation of DBKU,” Junaidi said.

He also thanked the DBKU staff, especially those on the front lines who have worked hard throughout 2020.

“Your sacrifice is very much appreciated, therefore we must continue this excellence, for the sake of DBKU,” he said.

He hoped that the commitment shown could be continued and enhanced this year.