DBNA demands banner ‘mistake’ explanation

KUCHING: The Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) is demanding the organisers of the Gawai Dayak parade in Bintulu on Saturday to explain the “mistake” in the banner for the association.

The association said the banner which read “Dayak Bidayuh National Union, Bintulu” was wrong and gave a false impression of DBNA.

The banner was clearly seen on live TV telecast during the national-level Gawai Dayak celebration on May 18.

“The photo of the banner is now viral on social media. Some people were even misled to think that the banner was for a newly-created entity or that DBNA changed its name.

“This is embarrassing for DBNA.  Was the name on the banner done on purpose?  We seek clarification and apology from the organisers,” noted the statement.

The association added that its constitution has stated that its name is to be known as “Dayak Bidayuh National Association” or DBNA.

If the organisers had wrongly printed the name, it said they should have been more sensitive and made the correction on the banner.

DBNA, through its Bintulu branch, was one of the contingents taking part in the parade in Bintulu.