Debak needs banking services

Razi getting some chillies at Bazaar Rakyat at Riveria Sport Centre (RSC) Debak. Photo: Osman Razali

DEBAK: Saribas assemblyman Mohammad Razi Sitam is hoping that the state government will help equip Debak town with banking services.

He said efforts in applying for services from banks have not yielded positive responses.

“We are asking for bank kiosks not bank branches.

“Therefore, the people of Debak expect the Sarawak government to realise the efforts in applying for banking services here, especially from Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), Bank Agro or Bank Rakyat,” he said on Sunday (April 11).

Razi, meanwhile, urged Bank Rakyat to reconsider the application that was submitted from his side.

“I used to meet with banks, for example Bank Rakyat because they have no branch in Betong.

“And now that Bank Rakyat has a branch in Betong, I hope our previous application (for banking services in Debak) can be reconsidered,” he said.

He added that residents here have to travel to the nearest town to withdraw money, which can be inconvenient.

“For me, this is a very important facility and it is much needed by the residents,” he said.