KUCHING: Smokers who defy the smoking ban will face the wrath of Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS).

Its chairman Datuk Peter Minos said this yesterday when contacted by New Sarawak Tribune regarding the smoking ban issue.

“Smoking inside cafés, restaurants, and in fact all public places are not favoured and frowned upon because it is universally accepted that smoking is not good for our health.

“Thus, once smoking is banned by the government in public places, we will enforce the ban to the best we can and smokers will be warned and/or fined.

Peter Minos

“Now we are in the stage of educating the people to stop smoking in public places and that is the reason why we are not that strict.

“However, come September 1, when the ban is implemented, we will rigourously enforce it without exceptions,” Minos added.

On another matter, regarding plastic dumping issues, he stressed that MPKS is unhappy with some members of the public who simply disposed empty plastic bottles and bags on the roads and pathways.

“This is a terrible habit and it makes life difficult for the council as we have to pay extra money to our scavenging contractors to collect such wastes and the cleaning up process.

“Additionally, such wastes and rubbish on our roads are very unsightly and give our town a very bad reputation.

“We urge the culprits to think of others, of the public, and also the council for doing its best to keep Kota Samarahan healthy and clean.

“Make Kota Samarahan safe and clean like Singapore,” Minos advised.