Dengue control everyone’s duty

KUCHING: We cannot stop the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes but we can prevent dengue, said Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) chairman Lo Khere Chiang.

In an interview at Kampung Kuap at Mile 10, Lo pointed out that prevention and awareness were vital for fighting dengue.

“Every year, we hear about dengue cases. They are common in the tropics where it’s easier for them to breed.

“However, dengue must be avoided to ensure the safety and health of the public,” he said.

Lo, who is also Batu Kitang assemblyman, added, “We tell the community here to clear away tin cans, plastic waste and other rubbish which are potential breeding places for aedes mosquitoes.

“Even items such as flowers pots have to be inspected as they may be filled with stagnant water.”

Meanwhile, at a separate function, Dr Muhamad Danial Salim from the Kuching Division Health Office told reporters that the four dengue cases in Kampung Sibakar were under control.

SMOKE ‘EM OUT…Personnel of the Kuching Division Health Office line up their fogging machines just before the start of an anti-dengue work party at Kampung Masjid in Kuching yesterday. Some 150 villagers took part in the event which was organised by their village development and security committee in collaboration with the Health Department. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni