Developer ordered to make good defects

Sarawak Housing Purchaser's Claims Tribunal President Robert Elone Sireng (centre) speaking at a press conference after the hearing session. Panellist on the left is Simon Woon Ta Meng and on the right is panellist Trabawan Mandi. Photo: Ramidi Subari

KUCHING: The Sarawak Housing Purchaser Claims Tribunal on Monday (Nov 23) has ordered a housing developer Sentoria Borneo Land Sdn Bhd to rectify all defects to the houses of seven claimants.

The cases were handled by panel president Robert Elone Sireng together with two panellists Simon Woon Ta Meng and Trabawan Mandi.

The overall cases on average involved delays in submission of vacant possession and defects in the quality of work to the single-storey corner and intermediate terrace houses located at Borneo Samariang Garden here.

The court then decided to send its engineer to inspect and determine the faults that needed rectification on the seven units, before giving the list of defects to the developer.

“Upon receiving the award from the court, Sentoria must rectify the claims and the defects of the houses within 45 days.

“If they fail to comply with the award, action can be taken against them as a criminal offence in the civil court,” Robert told reporters at a press conference after the hearing at the old State Legislative Assembly (DUN) building.

The claimants are Jemat @ Affendy Jalong, Fazlin Amyrilshah Latip, Norleda Bakar, Ahmad Aswandy Roslan, Aliza Sepani, Awang Izarrudin Awang Su’ut and Hasmuddin Hassan.

Meanwhile, the case between complainant Chin Bui Chin and RJ Realty Sdn Bhd also involved delays in submission of vacant possession and defects in the quality of work to a condominium unit measuring 160.98 square metres, located in Kota Samarahan.

Chin bought the unit on June 15, 2016, and it was supposed to be completed in 36 months and then handed over on Nov 25 last year.

However, the unit was found to be without electricity until Jan 3 this year which means that the delay involved 202 days.

“The delay on the unit is eight percent of the purchase price or RM149.02 per day, bringing the total claims for the delay to RM30,102.09,” he said.

Robert also explained that so far, all the defects have been completed except for one request to change the flooring from tiles to laminated timber as initially agreed upon both parties.

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