KUCHING: Sarawak Muaythai development athletes displayed their prowess at the Sabah Open Muaythai Championship 2019 last weekend by bringing home three gold, five silver and six bronze medals.

The gold medals were delivered by Mohd Hairul Salmi (Stings Muaythai 51kg), Khairul Aiman Muzaffar (PS 54kg open) and Maurien Hii Sie Lin (57kg open semipro). The silver medals were won by Muhd Haikal Salmi (Stings Muaythai 48kg), Daisy Delimma Umbai (51kg open), Anicia Sumak Ribak (SMK Tatau 45kg open), Florence Umang (51kg) and Morris Hii (63kg open).

The bronze medallists were Mohamad Hasbullah Mood (48kg), Ha’anwari Iman Mohd Shaari (Stings Muaythai-51kg open), Hafizzul Zikri Kiprawi (PS-48kg open), Shara Shalom Johnny (45kg), Roslind ChulaJohn (67kg open) and Chew Zhi Kong (71kg).

All the participants were athletes of the Sarawak Muaythai Association (PMNS) and Sarawak State Sports Council (MSNS).

PMNS president, Jumaat Ibrahim said the Muaythai
Sabah Championship was an exposure for Muaythai athletes in Sarawak, especially the first female athletes who took part in the tournament.

“This is a first step to ensure athletes are exposed to new skills and techniques which are effective against opponents and as preparations ahead of Sukma 2020 in Johor,” he said here yesterday.

He also thanked the Sarawak Stadium Corporation (PSS) for the support to enable PMNS to participate in the tournament.

In addition to the development athletes, the SS Fighter Muaythai Gym Kuching team also sent their participation to the tournament and won four gold, six silver and two bronze medals.

The gold medal were contributed by Stephanie Tiyon (female 48-51kg), Elias Ghazali (60kg men), Mohd Azhar (57kg men) and Johan Ghazali (40kg men).