Differing views on dine-in relaxations

Suraya making sure the tables are clean before customers dine in.

KUCHING: Members of the public have mixed views over the relaxations announced by the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) to allow dine-ins at eateries.

Their main concerns were adherence to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) from both the customers and premises owners.

As recently announced, dine-in at eateries in the state’s southern zone will be allowed starting Monday (Sept 20) with certain conditions in place.

The New Sarawak Tribune had met with the public on their views of the announcement made by the SDMC.

Nur Najwa Mosidi

Nur Najwa Mosidi, 23

Customer service

I am thankful with the announcement made as most of us will be able to spend more time with our loved ones by enjoying good food together. But diners and business premises owners should take into consideration following all the SOPs and rules stated by our government as it is part of our responsibility.

Noor Athirah Zaini

Noor Athirah Zaini, 23


I agree with SDMC’s action in giving flexibility to dine-in at the restaurants but it should not be taken lightly. The eatery owners should ensure that customers follow the SOP, such as ensuring they are completely vaccinated, scanning the QR code with the MySejahtera app, and take their temperatures before entering the premises. As concerned citizens, we should always be vigilant.

Erna Ellyana

Erna Ellyana, 23


I don’t agree with the decision as dining-in will contribute to the increase in Covid-19 cases. Before this, eatery owners have followed the SOP such as limiting the number of individuals eating at one table and it is mandatory to complete both doses of vaccine. Still, cases are on the rise. Therefore, I think eatery owners should check customers who want to eat at the premises carefully as to not contribute to the number of cases.

Mohd. Izadtul Iqmal Ahmad

Mohd. Izadtul Iqmal Ahmad, 23

Sales assistant

I feel happy to be able to dine-in at restaurants. I hope that restaurant owners adhere to the SOPs set by the government so that permission to eat is not revoked. I also hope that the eatery owners can limit the number of customers to eat at the store at once to avoid congestion.

Mohd Ikhwan Mohamad Dahuda

Mohd Ikhwan bin Mohamad Dahuda, 29

Graphic designer

I welcome the relaxation to allow dine-in as it will boost the economy for the food sector and attract more customers. However, the implementation of the existing SOPs should be practiced by every visitor to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Eatery owners are responsible to ensure that patrons follow the SOPs and preventive measures are implemented.

Cendellera Janar

Cendellera Janar, 22


I feel grateful and happy for the flexibility given not only as a customer but also on behalf of eatery owners because permission to dine-in will certainly welcome more customers. Although the government has announced that we will transition towards the endemic phase, we should not be complacent. Therefore, I hope shop owners always adhere to the SOP, especially in ensuring that customers scan MySejahtera and maintain the cleanliness of the premises to avoid an increase in Covid-19 cases.