Disabled man with pregnant wife appeals for help

Anthony receives food aid and some cash aid from Ngu (right).

BINTULU: Anthony Munang of Rumah Suning, Nanga Nayai Ketibas, Song is appealing for help from the members of the public.

He and his pregnant wife are living in a squatter house at Lampu Isyarat, ABF Housing, Jalan Tanjung Kidurong.

The former carpenter became disabled after he fell down while at work recently.

He stopped working on May 28 after his accident.

Anthony can now only walk with the help of a walking frame he bought personally. He also moves around in a wheelchair provided by a church.

“My wife can’t walk because she’s pregnant and is ready to give birth any moment.

“If people want to know more about my problem, they can call 01114081951. Those who want to help can come to my house here,” he added. 

Yesterday, Francis Ngu, a generous member of the public,   visited Anthony to find out more about the family’s plight. He also donated some basic necessities and some cash in the hope of easing the family’s burden.

Members of the public who want to help Anthony can call 011-1415 0329 and 011-14081951.