Distinct disadvantage if students stay home

Adam Prakash Abdullah

KUCHING: President of the Sarawak Teachers Union (STU), Adam Prakash Abdullah yesterday (Sept 13) pointed out that students would be at a distinct disadvantage if they did not participate in face-to-face interactions in schools.

“Everyone must understand that school education is more than merely going to school to complete the syllabus and attending the assessment.

“We also have another curriculum, such as social and life skills, which children acquire through classroom activities.

“Students who do not attend school will be unable to participate in live discussions and interactions with their teachers and thus, will not receive direct assistance in their learning,” he said.

Adam said STU hoped that parents would decide wisely for their children when it was time to return to school in addition to guiding and motivating their children to continue learning actively at home.

“We hope that parents play an active role in ensuring effective PdPR at home and that parents send their children to school once the situation is stable enough for normal schooling to resume.

“Should parents opt for their children to study from home, they must take the initiative to ensure that their children follow the PdPR schedule as strictly as possible so that the children do not fall behind in their studies,” he added.

Adam was commenting on Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin’s recent announcement that parents had the choice of not sending their children to school once it reopened.

“We understand his remarks as many parents are concerned about their children’s safety, especially due to the number of Covid-19 cases in the state that does not appear to be decreasing in the daily report.

“While it is clear that the education ministry is offering parents more flexibility and option in deciding whether or not to send their children to school, given the report on Covid-19 updates, it is reasonable if parents still have concerns about sending their children back to school,” he said.