Dividing views over online ‘akad nikah’

Photo for illustration purposes. Photo: pengantinbaru.com

KUCHING: Holding the akad nikah (marriage solemnisation) ceremony online is a solution for many couples who were forced to postpone their weddings due to the implementation of the movement control order (MCO).

Recently, the Sarawak Islamic Council (MIS) and Sarawak Islamic Religious Department (Jais) stated if the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) does not permit the ceremony to be held physically during the MCO, an online akad nikah ceremony could be used as a substitute.

As the ceremony would be held online, there were numerous factors to consider, which has generated mixed reactions from the public.

New Sarawak Tribune spoke to members of the public for their thoughts on the subject matter.

Siti Syira Rahim
SITI SYIRA RAHIM, 26, Private sector worker

I would rather wait than conduct an online akad nikah because it is a meaningful ceremony between the bride and groom. That is not to say that an online akad nikah would not be special, but there is a certain special aspect to it when you do it face-to-face.

Muhammad Hyqal Idris
MUHAMMAD HYQAL IDRIS, 28, Admin executive

An online akad nikah is great and it has its advantages because it would cost less than a physical akad nikah and if the bride and groom’s families are willing to do it this way, I view it as a no-brainer.

Mashitah Khairul
MASHITAH KHAIRUL, 27, Private sector worker

Steady internet access is needed to conduct the ceremony online and it can be an issue for those who live in rural areas, like me, where internet connection is not very good. But individuals who wish to conduct an online akad nikah can do so as Jais has previously stated that it does not go against the religion.

Muhd Hazami Hazrul

I applaud the new approach of holding the akad nikah online as it will cost less and will be less stressful on all parties, especially the bride and groom since they do not have to bother with an actual ceremony.

Nur Maisarah Ibrahim

An online akad nikah is more than sufficient for couples who do not want to further postpone their marriage. Although it is unfortunate that there will be no exchanging of hugs or wedding rings, it is fine as long as the relationship is ‘halal’. So if I were offered to do an online akad nikah, I would gladly accept.

Muhd Azhar Ismaili
MUHD AZHAR ISMAILI, 24, Private worker

A physical akad nikah would be more meaningful, especially the exchanging of rings and shaking hands with our spouse. Additionally, I do not mind waiting until the MCO ends, which is why I believe a physical akad nikah would be a much better option as it is a once in a lifetime experience.