Do more for India Street, govt urged

The crowd that has gathered at India Street Pedestrian Mall during the Chap Goh Mei 2019 celebration. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: More projects need to be proposed to the state government to liven up India Street, said Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

“India Street is a nostalgic place for me. I would save my money and when it reached a certain amount, I would come here to one of my favourite shops to buy clothes.

“I can’t believe that tonight, I’m standing here looking at the unique building structure that is still maintained,” the Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports minister said in his Chap Goh Meh speech on Wednesday.

“We can work together with the state government to make this street much better in the future. We have been doing a good start by putting up the roof.

“More needs to be done, and I agree with (India Street Pedestrian Mall Committee chairman) Datuk Wee Hong Seng on the proposed weekend night market along this street, as we can make this street much like Jonker Walk in Melaka,” he said.

“Putting up lighting along the roof and shop houses will make it more vibrant and lively.

“Make it like Melaka city. Tourists from other countries can learn the culture while visiting Sarawak,” he added.

“We need contractors to start from a piece of paper and propose to the state government so that we can liven up this area. A lot of activities are needed here as this is one of the main attractions for tourists.

“By the end of this month, we expect to see our electric bus that is free for everyone to utilise for going around the city,” Abdul Karim said.

“Besides that, we can also start with a day-without-vehicles campaign, at least once in two weeks where we can use the day to walk around and enjoy the city.”

Abdul Karim added that the state government was working with Malindo Air to bring in direct flights from Guangzhou, China to Kuching to replace the flights from Shenzen by AirAsia Berhad.