KUCHING: The Kuching Life Care Society (KLCS) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Academy For Silent Mentor (AFSM) to collaborate and work on the ‘i∙Silent Mentor Programme’.

KLCS was represented by its chairman Hung Sung Huo while signing on behalf of AFSM was its founding chairman and executive director Prof Dr Chin Kin Fah.

The ‘i∙Silent Mentor Programme’ is a national body donation programme for medical education, training and research.

Under the MoU, KLCS will not only help to promote the programme in Sarawak and Sabah, but also to provide service transfer of the donated bodies, termed ‘Silent Mentors’, to the AFSM Training Centre here.

Through the technology of rapid freezing treatment of the Silent Mentors, AFSM offers a surgical dissection model that is comparable to operating on a live human being, facilitating realistic surgical training without risk to the patient, stated AFSM in a statement yesterday.

“In order to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly, it is absolutely crucial to carry out the rapid freezing treatment within eight hours of the donor’s death.”

After that, the Silent Mentors will be stored in a freezer at temperatures between -20˚C and -25˚C for a certain period of time, and then thawed on the day before a training

“Therefore, time is of the essence in transferring the Silent Mentors to the AFSM Training Centre. Every second counts,” the statement added.

In addition to actively promoting blood donation and organ donation campaigns, the KLCS has been committed to providing ambulance service to the local people here for many years.

KLCS has agreed to undertake the task voluntarily in Kuching area, and even transferring from Sibu to Kuching, to help fulfil the wishes of donors in becoming a Silent Mentor peacefully after his/her death.