Merbin Lisa

KUCHING: The public is urged to be more careful and not be fooled by the various methods of scams by fraud syndicates which have occurred recently these days.

Kuching district acting police chief Supt Merbin Lisa said that currently, Maybank — through its official Facebook page — are advising the public to be careful and not open any link from a short message claiming that it is from Maybank.

The scam sent by text claiming to be from Maybank.

“People are also advised not to ‘log in’ to the Maybank2U link as it is one of the methods of fraud syndicates to deceive victims.

“Short messages related to this link will be sent randomly by the syndicate to all of the victims’ phone numbers,” he said in a statement on Monday (Sept 14).

The advice is addressed to all bank account owners, especially Maybank, to be careful if they ever receive phone calls from anyone who introduced themselves as bank officials.

“The syndicate will randomly contact a person and start a conversation by claiming that the victim’s name is used by certain individuals for certain purposes — such as personal loans — and then will ask the victim to state his/her full name and identity card (IC) number for verification purposes.

“The victim will panic and the suspect will advise them to lodge a complaint to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) or Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), which will then be answered by another suspect in disguise, by providing a modified phone number using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) platform to deceive the victim,” he added.

Merbin added that the victims would be scared when they are informed that their bank accounts would be frozen for engaging in criminal activity. They would then be advised to transfer some money from their accounts to the suspect’s account, which is provided temporarily during the ‘investigation’.

“This will then cause the victims to suffer financial losses after they realise that they have been cheated by the syndicate,” he said.