Organise dialogues to combat the dreaded dengue

KUCHING: Having dialogues to curb the spread of dengue is a positive step towards its prevention, said a political secretary to the chief minister Abdul Samat Gany.

“The public such as the folk of Kampung Ajibah Abol should refer to the steps discussed during the dialogue to help the authorities to combat dengue,” he said during his speech at SK Rakyat here yesterday.

“We should not overly rely on government agencies to solve the problem as it affects everyone,” he said.

He stressed the importance of raising awareness of the increasing dengue cases at the particular residential area.

From left Iskandar Ismail from AADK Kuching Division, medical officer from the Infectious Disease Control Unit Kuching Division Health Department Dr Muhamad Danial Salim, Abdul Samat, Kuching district officer Awang Yusup Awang Mustapha and DBKU Assistant Health officer Khairulnizam Abdul Rani at the question and answer session. Photo: Ramidi Subari

“Satok is where dengue cases have reportedly increased over the last few months. The cases have been increasing rapidly to the extent that the place was declared a dengue hotspot. Of course, this worries the community,” he said.

Abdul Samat also viewed that while the number of cases had not been increasing as rapidly as before, efforts to control the outbreak should continue.

“We have to continue playing an important role in curbing the spread of dengue and the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes.

“The community, as a whole, should realise by now that the problem would continue if ignored as the spread of the disease is not controlled by us,” he said.

He hoped that the residents would participate in the discussions as the relevant agencies are present to answer their concerns and questions.

Abdul Samat (seated fourth right) with Awang Yusup (seated fourth left) and other dignitaries seated on the front seat having a photograph with attendees of the Dengue Dialogue session. Photo: Ramidi Subari