Don’t hesitate to receive vaccine

Lau (facing camera) attends to two constituents at her service centre.

SIBU: The risk of getting a severe Covid-19 infection can be avoided by taking vaccination, said Lanang Member of Parliament Alice Lau.

Based on her own experience, Lau pointed out that vaccination is the only solution to break the chain of this deadly virus.

“I am speaking based on my experience of having received complete vaccine injections.

“As many are aware, I was confirmed positive for Covid-19 on May 27 and was instructed to undergo quarantine for 13 days at the Sibu low-risk quarantine and treatment centre.

“Throughout that period, I can honestly say that my health was not much affected. In fact, all my close contacts including my son and other family members were free from this deadly virus infection,” she said, adding that she only experienced mild symptoms such as sore throat and tiredness.

Further elaborating, Lau added that by taking vaccination, the risk for a person to get a severe Covid-19 infection or spread the virus is very low.

Accordingly, the parliamentarian urged members of the public who have not yet registered to immediately do so for their own safety and safety of others too, adding that there shouldn’t be any hesitation in registration.

She also advised people to drink plenty of water every day and take supplement like Vitamin C, exercising as well as adopting a healthy lifestyle to increase their bodies’ immunity.

At the same time, Lau hoped that the government could improve the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme system so that it would be smoother and thereby would subsequently speed up the vaccination process.