Don’t lower grades

Prof Datuk Dr Khairuddin Ab Hamid. Photo: Ghazali Bujang

KUCHING: University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS) vice chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Khairuddin Ab Hamid urged course assessment grades to not be lowered.

He said with it being done, it will incite a stigma among graduates that they did not earn the high grades as it was purposefully lowered during Covid-19.

“We shouldn’t change the grades; it will reflect the quality of the university. But what we can do is to change the method that learning materials are being delivered.

“But if we lower grades, then the people would say that one only can get high marks due to Covid-19. This not only affects the university’s image but also that of the student,” he said in an exclusive interview with New Sarawak Tribune today.

In another development, Khairuddin said the service industry will be a more attractive proposition the future and will be a major contributor to the economic sector.

He said this is one of the trends seen lately where youth appear to prefer start-ups compared to office jobs.

“They like to suit their own style and this is the best opportunity to give them exposure, along with letting them work and learn online so that they would feel more responsible,” he said.

He added with exposure, the youth would feel more confident with universities complementing their initiatives by teaching them how to conduct online business or online services.

Khairuddin however said, the youth must be comfortable with technology and know how to use it, as well as knowing the platforms which they can provide their services on.

“If they are providing engineering services, then they can advise on certain things. In the future, the service industry will be more attractive and it can be a main contributor to the economic sector,” he said.