Don’t use banknotes to make bouquets

Bouquets made from banknotes. (Bottom inset: Banknotes are folded to make the bouquets)

KUCHING: Don’t use banknotes to make bouquets, advised Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Kuching chief Mohd Irman Mohd Din.

“This is because all the banknotes used to produce the special gifts will be damaged and made worthless.

“Certainly, all the banknotes will be crumpled. What is sadder is that all the banknotes will be torn because they are glued together,” he said when contacted on Monday.

Mohd Irman advised those who made bouquets not to suggest such decorations to the public.   

The banknotes, he added, should not be folded repeatedly as doing so would leave permanent folding marks on them.

He said the banknotes should not be pinned, dipped in water or colour bleach, modified or scratched.