Dr Jeniri Amir appointed senior fellow of MPN

Dr Jeniri Amir

KUCHING: New Sarawak Tribune’s and Suara Sarawak’s chief executive officer (CEO) Dr Jeniri Amir has been appointed a senior fellow of the Malaysian Council of Professors (MPN).

He was appointed based on his expertise and experience, especially in the field of political research and analysis, media and community service.

In his letter of appointment, MPN president Prof Datuk Dr Raduan Che Rose said as a senior fellow, Jeniri would be joining fellow professors and associate members to fulfil the intention of establishing MPN in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.

MPN is an organisation of experts that mobilises the expertise of academics and professionals from various fields to contribute towards the development of the people and country.

It was once disbanded but the government agreed to reinstate it on Nov 2, 2018. Its membership is chosen based on merit, qualification and free from political interference.

The appointment of Jeniri is seen as most deserving based on merits.

To date, the former associate professor and senior lecturer of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak has conducted countless essay writing and speech texting courses and written 54 book titles.

He has also written over 3,000 articles and analyses published in various newspapers and magazines in the country.

Among his books are Interview Techniques, Make Money By Writing, Writing a Biography, Rosli Dhoby: Merdeka With Blood, Datu Bandar Abang Mustapha: Freedom Fighter for the Independence of Sarawak and Melanau in Sarawak.

He is among the country’s leading political analysts and is widely featured on various TV channels, including Channel News Asia in Singapore, besides being quoted by various media in the country.

He is currently also a board member of the newly established Sarawak Media Group (SMG), which will be launching a new TV station based here and a member of the National Unity Ministry think-tank group.

His most recent appointment was as a board member of the Postgraduate Communication Studies Programme at the Faculty of Language and Communication, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.