Dr Saadiah an exemplary leader

Dr Saadiah (second left) handing over her duties to Caroline as Fatimah (centre) and Women, Family and Childhood Development Assistant Minister Rosey Yunus (third left) look on.

KUCHING:Ministry of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development (KWKPK) permanent secretary Dr Saadiah Abdul Samat has officially handed over her duties to the ministry’s new acting permanent secretary Caroline Cleophas Joseph.

Dr Saadiah served for three years and eight months with KWKPK from Mar 31, 2017 until Nov 20 this year.

“Throughout this period, she has provided excellent service, high commitment, a strong sense of urgency, and a high level of focus in carrying out her duties.

“Her leadership in KWKPK is greatly appreciated by all of us ministers, heads of departments and divisions, and especially the new divisions and units of KWKPK,” said KWKPK minister Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah yesterday.

She hoped that others would emulate the exemplary excellent services rendered by Dr Saadiah in sustaining community wellbeing, managing community welfare efficiently, upholding the position of women, strengthening the family institution, and embracing early childhood development inclusively and holistically.

She described Dr Saadiah as a leader who brought corporate culture into the ministry, and a leader who was hardworking, firm, open, decisive and courageous in making decisions.

“During her tenure of service, the One-Stop Early Intervention Centre was successfully established and there was also the acquisition of Sedidik Taska and Tadika.

“In addition, the implementation of the government’s initiatives from cradle to grave and sports development for the disabled was well-implemented.”

She said several projects are still in the process of implementation, such as the Sibu Temporary Transit Centre for the Homeless as well as the digitalisation of KWKPK through i-Care.