Drive thru screening for Samarahan residents

Rubiah (second left) launches the Covid-19 one stop screening centre.

KUCHING: Residents in Kota Samarahan can now undergo screening on a drive-thru basis after a Covid-19 one stop screening centre was set up in the district.

Samarahan MP Rubiah Wang said the centre started operating on Wednesday (June 16) following increase in the local spread of Covid-19.

She added the screening centre was set up due to the limited space at the Kota Samarahan health clinic.

“With this one stop screening centre, around 200 to 400 close contacts can be screened daily and with more people screened, the transmission can be controlled more effectively.”

“For this year alone until yesterday (June 16), a total of 28,864 individuals have been screened (in Kota Samarahan) and a total of 1,753 positive cases were detected through the screening.

“We believe that more can be detected if the screening centre is expanded,” she said during her visit to the screening centre on Wednesday (June 16).

Meanwhile, Rubiah said a total of 100,496 people or equivalent to 81.8 percent of the population in Samarahan division have registered for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Of that number, 26,675 people have received their first dose of vaccine and 8,804 people have completed the second dose, she said.

She thanked the community leaders who were actively involved in working to achieve herd immunity by helping the residents in their respective areas to get the vaccine at the vaccination centres (PPV).

Rubiah also hoped that the public would participate in the effort to disseminate accurate and authentic information on vaccination measures through the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme which was launched by the government earlier this year.

With three PPVs in Kota Samarahan, namely at the Asajaya Sports complex, Samarahan Civic Centre, and most recently at DeTAR Putra, Unimas, she hoped that the residents of Samarahan would be successfully vaccinated by August this year.