Drones to help army with monitoring

A drone used by the army to monitor and remind locals to adhere to the SOPs.

SIBU: The army is making use of drones to enhance monitoring of the movement control order (MCO) standard operating procedures (SOPs).

According to 9th Infantry Brigade commander Brigadier-General Shamshor Jaafar, with the usage of drones, announcements and reminders pertaining to the SOPs can be relayed to the people.

“The enforcement of the MCO in Sibu Division requires cooperation from various parties.

“Apart from roadblocks and police patrols, the army will assist through the use of drones to monitor and relay announcements to the public,” he said during his visit to a roadblock post in Pasai Siong.

He spent about 40 minutes listening to the problems faced by roadblock personnel, as well as inspecting the facilities available there.

Shamshor (left) spent about 40 minutes monitoring the roadblock in Pasai Siong.

Shamshor assured that the army would continue to give the highest level of commitment in helping local authorities ensure that residents in Sibu abide with the SOPs issued by the National Security Council.

The usage of drones is to carry out monitoring work in locations that are difficult to access due to distance.

“Drone operators will be patrolling around designated areas to ensure that locals comply with the SOPs.

“In addition, the drone is also complete with speakers which can relay audio recordings of the SOPs to the public,” he explained.

In Malaya, the audio recordings are played in Malay, Chinese and Tamil while for Sarawak, the army also record public announcements in Iban.

The audio played is to remind locals to stay at home, to not go out unnecessarily, and to inform the authorities if they show symptoms related to Covid-19.

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