Rodim (left) and Hope Place founder Kelvin Wan (right)

KUCHING: Hope Place Kuching thanked two extraordinary individuals who have not only touched many lives, but are exceptional examples for everyone out there.

“Among these amazing people is a 61-year-old widow, Nagdalene Rodim Ringo, who has been helping Hope Place to deliver food aid to her village since the early days of the organisation. 

“Rodim lives in Kampung Baru Mawang, at 32 Mile and she will personally drive to Hope Place to collect food aid to two needy families,” said Hope Place founder Kelvin Wan in a statement on Wednesday (Aug 19).

During this pandemic period, Rodim never stopped caring for those who are less fortunate. She had referred several needy families who had fallen into hard times during the MCO to Hope Place, and is always active in lending a helping hand to anyone who needed it.

Another remarkable individual who has been volunteering with Hope Place for more than five years is Lichu Loat, who is a civil servant, working in SMK Penrissen No.1 office. 

“He is originally from Kg Bedup Merian, Serian and just like Rodim, he helps Hope Place to deliver to needy families, once every three months to his village. 

“Lichu has been wheelchair bound for 21 years, however he never sees himself as disabled, but to use whatever abilities he have to help others. Lichu drives a big vehicle, which is Nissan Navara NP300 that has been modified for hand control usage,” he added.

Lichu did also express his disappointment when sharing that there are still a lot of people in Kuching parking in spaces allocated for the disabled.

He further explained that he needed to park at the OKU parking as it has bigger space for him to lower down his wheelchair from his car. He cannot park at a normal car park because it is too small for him to unload his wheelchair.

Everyone in the Hope Place family would like to thank all volunteers like Rodim and Lichu for giving their time and efforts to help the underprivileged. Hope Place always encourage the public to actively participate and support efforts in developing and caring for the local community. 

Members of the public interested in making a donation can bank in money to Persatuan Kebajikan Harapan Kuching (Maybank account 5112-8900-1160).

For more information, Hope Place can be reached at 013-567 2775. Opening hours are from 8.30am to 5pm (Mondays to Fridays) and 8.45am to 12pm on Saturdays.