Durians on sale in Mukah

A lady seller (second left) waits patiently waits for a customer (left) to choose his durians.

MUKAH: The king of fruit, durian, is back in the market here for a few days now.

New Sarawak Tribune discovered that the supply of the fruits was still limited and the prices were also still quite high.

The number of customers coming to the durian stalls was also few, perhaps due to the high price. 

A retired teacher, identified only as Soon, was among the few customers looking for a bargain at one of the durian stalls.

“I have just finished surveying the stalls and found that currently the prices are still quite high,” he said today (Wednesday).

The fruits are being sold from RM15 and above, depending on the quality and size. A pile of three durians are being sold for RM20 and above.

Beside durians, other jungle fruits such as regieng and pangin are also on sale at the various stalls