A couple of youth trying out the new Fifa on Board service introduced in the new Bus Asia.

KUCHING: Biaramas Express Sdn Bhd (Biaramas), the operator of Bus Asia, is the first bus company in the state to introduce four new buses equipped with Fifa e-sports service.

Sarawak Business Federation (SBF) president Datuk Abang Abdul Karim Tun Openg commended the initiative which he believed would further boost public transportation services and encourage interest in e-sports.

“This value-added service is something very new for the bus services and I must say that Bus Asia has been providing good services in line with the state government’s effort to develop Sarawak’s public transportation services.

“As of now, the state government is developing infrastructure such as the Pan Borneo Highway and other roads.

“The state government has also established a new ministry called Ministry of Transport which reflects the government’s seriousness in developing the transportation services,” he said.

He further pointed out that Sarawak is a big state, but the small population is scattered, so the state government has to work extra hard to develop the various infrastructure projects to connect the people.

“If we have good connectivity, we can open up new areas. And with these new areas will need bus services.

“This is where people like you (Biaramas) to provide the transportation services,” he said when launching Bus Asia’s ‘Fifa On Board’ at Old Court House here, yesterday.

Karim (seated front seat, right) enjoying the ride in the new Bus Asia with other dignitaries.

Karim added that the state government was also trying to encourage e-sports which could stimulate productivity and critical thinking among the players, and promote the sport among youth as it has been introduced in Sea Games and Sukan Malaysia (Sukma).

“However, we must know how to control the sport because if not, players can become addicted to it and play continuously, which will ruin their health.

“I believe there are passengers who would appreciate this initiative as they can use the service to ‘kill time’ during long journeys,” he said.

During the event, Karim and other guests were also taken on a ride around the city centre in the new bus.

According to Biaramas general manager, Lai Sin Kiong, the ‘Fifa on Board’ will be provided in the first four buses.

“If the implementation received a positive feedback, we will consider adding the same service inside other buses,” he said.

“The first thirty minutes of the Fifa service will cost RM5, which is optional for the passengers.”

He also mentioned that the bus routes having the services would be from Kuching to Sibu and Mukah as well as Kuching to Miri.

Among those present at the launch were Biaramas directors Henry Lai, Lai Chon Foo, Lai Sam Tee; Scania Malaysia product sales executive Bonnie Anjun and representative Jeffery Insol, as well as Sarawak E-sports Association (Sesa) president Afiq Fadhli Narawi.

A couple of youth trying out the new Fifa on Board service introduced in the new Bus Asia.