e-Security and Privacy Channel recommended

Husin Jazri

KUCHING: Keeping up to date with cybersecurity is a must especially in this digital era, and one way to do so is by following the e-Security and Privacy Channel (ESPC) developed by Serba Dinamik Group Berhad (SDGB).

Besides connecting users with relevant service providers, ESPC is also a source for current news, events, and videos on issues relating to cybersecurity and privacy.

“Through ESPC, we work with various local and international partners to provide cybersecurity services and solutions, including training programmes, monitoring and end-point security solutions, digital signatures, operational technology solutions, and critical infrastructure consultancy,” said Datuk Dr Husin Jazri, senior vice president for cybersecurity at SDGB.

He suggested that individuals utilise ESPC as a go-to site for daily information on cybersecurity and privacy.

He described ESPC as an online marketplace for cybersecurity and privacy solutions and services, adding that these were customisable to fit end users’ requirements – be they individuals, government agencies, institutions of learning, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), or large corporations.

Aside from ESPC, he said SDGB also offered many other end-to-end technical solutions, cybersecurity awareness and education programmes, and consultancy services.

“We have solutions from Australia, Russia, Malaysia, and more. Just let us know your organisation’s needs and we will provide assistance,” said Husin.

He said SDGB also collaborated with partners to provide measures which protect businesses from eight layers of vulnerabilities, encompassing various aspects such as firewall, network, applications, and human interactions with digital platforms.

“Serba Dinamik will continue to provide relevant services and trainings that are customised to businesses’ needs,” he assured.

The organisation is also embarking on areas such as industrial control system (ICS) security, supervisory control and data acquisition (Scada), secure data centres, secure cloud services, fintech solutions, and blockchain.

“We are preparing for the demand in Malaysia and globally. Through ESPC, we are ready to service our partners and customers locally and internationally, connecting customers to the right service providers wherever possible,” said Husin.