e-Taib, WhatsApp application to assist haj pilgrims

MAKKAH: Haj pilgrims are now able to get answers to their queries pertaining to their haj rituals faster and more effective using e-Taib, a WhatsApp application launched by the Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) earlier today.

Malaysian Haj delegation chief Datuk Seri Syed Saleh Syed Abdul Rahman said e-Taib was an improvement in efforts to assist the haj pilgrims, on top of the existing TH’s worship hotline (Talian Ibadat, or Taib).

He said the pilgrims could use e-Taib to pose all questions either via text, pictures, videos or voice messages.

“Texts, pictures, videos or voice messages will allow facilitators to understand the questions raised and to provide answers using the same medium to facilitate the pilgrims.

“Currently, the application is available from 5am to 12pm. However, two weeks before and after the wukuf (the pinnacle of Haj rituals), we will operate e-Taib and Taib for 24 hours,” he told reporters after launching e-Taib at TH Makkah headquarters at Abraj Janadriah here today.

Syed Saleh (left) explains how to use the e-Taib application at the Tabung Haji headquarters in Abraj Janadriah, Makkah today. Photo: Bernama

Haj pilgrims who are interested in using e-Taib can use their smartphones to visit this portal: https://wa.me/9660540840766 or scan the QR code at the designated place at their respective maktab (places of accommodation).

A total of 30,200 Malaysian pilgrims will be performing the fifth pillar of Islam with TH this season, accompanied by a total of 640 TH personnel to ensure the operation of pilgrimage runs smoothly.

Syed Saleh said that through e-Taib the pilgrims could save the answers for the purpose of reference or to share the materials with their friends.

He said e-Taib is operated by four haj officers or facilitators, and they would be assisted by three experts in the event the pilgrims needed more specific explanation.

“The Saudi government recognises our haj pilgrim’s programme is the best. It is hoped that the Malaysian pilgrims can utilise and benefit from both the e-Taib and Taib fully so that they can perform their obligatory duties correctly and with confident,” he said. – Bernama