Tan (second right) and his team came all the way from Brunei to promote A. Ayam’s business.

KUCHING: The Sarawak Timber SMEs Expo 2019 will definitely become a stepping stone for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to market their products to a wider network.

Marcus Tan, 35, owner of A. Ayam (abbreviation for Awesome Ayam), a fast food and casual restaurant from Brunei, said that the expo is a good platform for members of the public to participate to gain more exposure for their brands or products.

A. Ayam originally started in 2002 which was later rebranded late last year in order to bring change in the way they run their business for expansion.

They mainly serve Southeast Asian cuisines such as nasi lemak and satay.

Their unique selling point is their seasoning and their unique way of preparing food which Marcus said he has yet to find something similar here in Sarawak.

“We’re going to start off by expanding to Sabah and Sarawak. For example, here in Sarawak, we build our relationship with E-mart where we would be able to have access to their facilities such as their shoplots,” he said.

“Slowly but surely we’re also looking forward to expand to West Malaysia and Indonesia through Kalimantan.

“We’re also looking forward to open up our second branch in Brunei this year and hopefully the third branch would be in either Sabah or Sarawak, which makes it the first overseas branch.”