Eco-Depot still being studied

DBKU Mayor Datuk Junaidi Reduan speaking to the press after officiates World Cleanup Day 2020 at Kuching Waterfront. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: The Kuching City North Commission (DBKU) is still studying the methods on the operation of the ‘Eco-Depot’, a waste collection facility in Demak Laut.

Its mayor Datuk Junaidi Reduan said now they are still looking at the details of the whole operation for it to be more effective before it can be fully utilised.

“If you ask me on the progress of the Eco-Depot, the utilisation rate has not reached the level that we want to achieve.

“Among the details we are looking into include how the rubbish would be sent there, pruning, cleaning and the overall operation of the facility,” he told reporters when met after the World Cleanup Day at Kuching Waterfront on Saturday.

He said the facility is one of the ways to address illegal dumping issues but he cannot guarantee that it will be effective because at the end of the day, the cleanliness of a city is everyone’s responsibility.

“What is important to me is how to instil self-discipline when it comes to cleanliness.

“If we make it a habit to keep our city and surroundings clean, without the Eco-Depot, the city would still be clean,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, DBKU director Dr Morshidi Ahmad explained that Eco-Depot is an eco-friendly concept where waste could be sent over for recycling.

“We provide this facility so that people would not simply dump their waste, which can instead be recycled.

“For example, parts from a fridge or television may seem like rubbish to some, but to others they can sell it to earn cash,” he pointed out.

He said for those who wish to use the facility, they need to make a request to DBKU to dispose their waste there.