Martin Knorre (left) and Yoong Wai Kit (right).

KUCHING: The just-concluded International Digital Economy Conference Sarawak (IDECS) 2019 held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) was not so much a direct technological push but more of an ecosystem where the participants could cooperate with one another.

This was the way that Yoong Wai Kit, team member of Maxis IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions and Services from Kuala Lumpur, saw it. He also thought that it was more of a collaboration.

“From our side, it is more like we are opening the doors for technologies that we can bring in but to make it applicable to the local market,” he said.

“We would also have to work with local agencies on what is really needed right now and from there we can build a pipeline for each and every one of the industries to be in the same picture.”

Another Maxis IoT Solutions and Services member, Martin Knorre, from Germany, said that from what he had seen over the two-day conference, a lot of people are interested in new technologies like 5G and Urban IoT.

“The drive inside the society and also the awareness of technologies will certainly rise, so we are very happy to see the resonance and the feedback we have got so far from the two days,” he said.

On how he felt about the conference, Martin said first of all it helped him to gain exposure and build understanding as to what the technologies brought here could deliver.

“The ecosystem has to grow and develop until it is strong enough and we can really build fantastic solutions,” he said.

Martin Knorre (left) and Yoong Wai Kit (right).

As for Yoong, he thought a lot of things and ideas could be seen but in order to really bring them to life and connecting them to industries, the players have to see what is really needed here.

“That is when you start to see the benefit and this is how you grow the industries here. 5G from Maxis is in the pipeline but it is still being planned and not running yet. However, look out for it because it will be on its way to consumers and businesses very soon.”

Administrative cum human resource manager of Positive Mind Sdn Bhd, Noresa Donald Matu, told the New Sarawak Tribune that the digital economy conference was “very good” because there were a number of foreigners who came to introduce their technologies and with whom locals could exchange ideas.

“It also provided opportunities for us to meet potential partners in whatever sectors we are in. The conference should be organised often in order for good ideas to be shared,” she said.