Elderly driver rescued in car plunge

The elderly man's car is seen turning turtle after plunging into the monsoon drain.

MIRI: Two drivers had a lucky escape after their cars were involved in a collision on Tuesday night nearby the Tamu Luak traffic intersection.

In the incident, one of the vehicles turned turtle when landing inside a monsoon drain.

Prior to the 7.37pm incident, a car driven by an elderly man aged 73 was coming from Bakam and on his way to Morsjaya, before it skidded and plunged into the drain after going against the red light, said Sarawak Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Chief Supt Alexson Naga Chabu.

Preliminary investigation found out that the man had run the red light and grazed another car driven by a pilot aged 35 during the incident.

Other road users who happened to be at the scene during the mishap immediately rushed to the car driven by the elderly man and rescued him out from the drain.

The case is being investigated under Rule 17 LN 167/59.