Election workers ready to face polls


SERIAN: Election workers for Kedup constituency attended a two-day briefing (Oct 21 to 22) at the SJK Chung Hua Serian Multipurpose Hall here.

The purpose of the briefing was for them to prepare for the 12th state election which could be held at any time.

The briefing session was conducted by the Serian District Council in cooperation with speakers from Sabah Election Commission (EC) director Rohiman Rahiah.

Other speakers from the EC who were invited to speak were Ebur Sabtar and Hasziezul Haszlan.

The first day of the briefing involved the polling station head, while the last day covered polling clerks, ballot clerks, polling station supervisors, voter register clerks as well as the polling station guides.

Election workers attending the two-day briefing in preparation for the 12th state election.

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