EMCO at four more localities

KUCHING: The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) today announced that the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) would be imposed at four localities in Bintulu, Sri Aman and Saratok.

“The EMCO will be enforced at Rh Inchang, Skirau Ai, TanjungBijat, Sri Aman from June 19 to July 2,” it said in a statement today (Saturday).  

Meanwhile, the EMCO was enforced at two localities in Bintulu, namely Chicwan Batu 5 Workers Quarters and Rh Peter Suring, Sg Silas Tabau, Jalan Ulu Sebauh   from June 18 to July 1.

The EMCO will be enforced at Rh Legi Lubok Kawi, Kabo, Saratok from tomorrow (June 20) to July 3.  

The SDMC said the EMCO at two localities would be extended.

The EMCO at Rh Tuntun, Kampung Sedukulli, Lingga, Sri Aman, was extended from today (June 19) to July 2  while the Emco at Rh Robert, Sg Merudu, Sarikei will be from Monday (June 21) to 22.

The SDMC also announced the end of the EMCO at DD Palm Oil Mill Sdn Bhd  Workers Quarters, Sebauh; GSS Port Workers Quarters (Lot 53, 54, 55 & 56), Samalaju, Bintulu; and Rh Ujan, Nanga Spaya, Ulu Engkari, Lubok Antu on June 18. 

The Emco at Rh Ulin, Teberu, Spaoh, Betong; Rh Clement Bayang, KM30 Jalan Bintulu-Tatau, Bintulu; Rh Setinggan Batu 6, Bintulu; Rh Bruen, Kampung Banting, Sri Aman; Rh Bair Mam, KM28, Jalan Samarakan, Tatau; Block A, B, C, E, F, J, K, L, M, N & P, RPR Bandaria Park, Bintulu; and Rh Jelia Jelema, Sangan, Tatau also ended today (June 19).

“The EMCO at Rh Philip Janting, Ulu Bejawai Sangkong, Julau will end on June 20,” added the committee.

The SDMC also announced that the Simunjan district had changed its status from yellow to orange after recording 39 local infection cases in the past fortnight. 

With this, the number of yellow districts in the state had decreased to five.

 The Marudi district, meanwhile, has turned red after recording 41 local infection cases in the last 14 days, bringing the total number of red districts in Sarawak to 32.

The SDMC said there were two orange districts and only one green district in the state.