EMCO in four more locations in Sarawak

KUCHING: Four locations, including three longhouses, have been put under enhanced movement control order (EMCO).

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) on Friday (June 25) said Rh Wing Tutong, Kampung Gua Sukat in Sri Aman would be under EMCO from June 25 to July 8.

Meanwhile, Rh Tomy, Buyong Bangat in Betong and Rh Awang Sungai Stok would undergo EMCO from June 26.

Skim Penempatan Semula Nanga Tada in Kanowit will undergo EMCO from Sunday (June 27) to July 10.

Meanwhile, SDMC said EMCO had ended at seven longhouses and two villages.

Rh Itam Ujok, Sg Kelawit, KM16 Jalan Tatau-Sibu in Tatau and Rh Fabian Jembu Tangi, Sg Setiam KM37 Jalan Pesisir Kuala Tatau in Bintulu had their EMCO ended on Thursday (June 24).

Two longhouses in Bintulu, namely Rh Belayong  Buang, KM22 Jalan Bintulu-Tatau, and Rh Fabian Jembu  Tangi, Sg Setiam KM37, Jalan Pesisir Kuala Tatau have ended their EMCO on Friday.

On the same day, Rh Sigi, Sg Sentebu Sare in Sarikei; Kampung Sebandi Hilir in Lundu; and Kampung Dagang had also ended their EMCO.

However, Rh Empawi Seriban, Sg Kelawit, Jalan Tatau-Sibu in Tatau and Rh Rabong, Sg Lemayong, Bintangor in Meradong will end their EMCO on Saturday (June 26).

As of Friday, Saratok District has turned to a red zone after recording 46 cases in the past two weeks.

This brings the number of red zones in Sarawak to 30. Three zones are orange; six are yellow while one still green.