EMCO to be imposed in 22 places

KUCHING: The enhanced movement control order (EMCO) will be imposed in 22 places involving longhouses, a primary school and an area.

The State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) announced in a statement today (June 5) that the EMCO would be implemented in Kapit, Bukit Mabong, Sri Aman, Julau, Meradong and Dalat districts.

“The EMCO imposed at Rh Sli, Ulu Menuan, Batang Rajang in Kapit is from June 2 to June 15.

“It is enforced from June 3 until June 16 at Rh Tajai, Nanga Sebiro, Baleh; Rh Nyamok, Ng Serau, Sg Gaat; Rh Laso, Nanga Entawau, Baleh; and Rh Rentap, Nanga Entawau, Baleh in the Bukit Mabong district.

“It  is also enforced on the same date  at Rh Empawie, Sg Yong and Rh Ngelai, Sg Tisa, Sg Yong in Kapit as well as Rh Setia, Sembayang and Rh Senah, Sembayang Ban in Sri Aman,” the committee added.

The EMCO had also been implemented at Rh Lepang Sayat, Engkilili in Sri Aman (June 4 to June 17) and Rh Philip Janting, Ulu Bejawai in Julau (June 4 to June 20).

“Two longhouses in Julau, namely Rh Japar and Rh Gasah, Nanga Kemalih underwent EMCO from today (June 5) until June 13. The EMCO at Rh Unya Jambu Arap Skrang in Sri Aman will end on June 18 while the EMCO at Rh Rentap, Sg Rayah, Bintangor in Meradong will end on June 21,” explained SDMC.

The committee disclosed that four longhouses, one primary school, and one area in Dalat would be placed under the EMCO from June 7 to June 20.

They are Rh Bala Umba, Batang Oya; Rh Tulu Sli, Batang Oya; Rh Duah Entingi, Batang Oya; Rh Balin  Gema, Bantang Oya; SK St Luke, Batang Oya; and KK Nanga Baoh, Batang Oya.

“The EMCO at Rh Anthony Jugu, Sungai Buloh in Selangau will   be from June 7 until June 20,” the committee added.

It also revealed that the EMCO at two longhouses in Bukit Mabong, namely Rh Nawin, Sg Oyan and Rh Barang, Sg Melinau would be from June 18 and June 21 respectively.

The SDMC also announced the end of the Emco at Rh. Aji Sungai Ban in Sri Aman on June 4; Rh Nyalu   Wilson, Jalan Selangau-Mukah in Mukah (June 5); Rh Johnson, Kampung Sedudu in Sri Aman (June 5); and Rh Merom, Nanga Engkeramoh in Julau (June 6).

The committee said that the Telang Usan district had turned to yellow after recording nine local Covid-19 cases in the past 14 days.

Meanwhile, Kabong and Sebauh districts had turned red after recording more than 40 cases of local infection in the past two weeks.

With this, there is no green district in the state. Sarawak now has three orange  districts, seven yellow  districts, and 30 red  districts.