Empowering community through social entrepreneurship

Abdul Hadi Abdul Kadir

KUCHING: The local community can be empowered through social entrepreneurship if they are equipped with proper infrastructure to conduct their businesses.

Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) general manager Abdul Hadi Abdul Kadir said the state government has facilitated and assisted the locals for them to be successful.

“The state government has empowered the community at large by providing infrastructures like roads, bridges and even direct air flights as Sarawak has a limited market.

“We have to find an external market and this market can only be provided if we have the right infrastructure to make it happen in terms of packaging and delivery.

“Of course, we will also reach the community to explore and exploit their potential and bring them on board into the mainstream,” he said in an online talk on Social Entrepreneurship by Austral Media on Thursday night.

Abdul Hadi said for SEDC, there are initiatives done to boost social entrepreneurship among startups and the younger generation.

“We even have a programme for Form Four schoolchildren to participate in doing business; create something that can be rolled out to be a big sustainable business.

“We have been participating in the National Tunas Niaga Programme (PROTUNe), encouraging students at form four-level to make products that are marketable,” he said.

He said the potential for Sarawakians in terms of entrepreneurship is bright as the group has proven to be capable in grasping the concept.

“When we reached the national-level competition so to speak, we always won the majority of the categories, this is encouraging with regards to the younger generation who have this entrepreneurial skill.

“With their early exposure to entrepreneurship programme, they can look at what the community has and turn it into a business entity,” he said.