Empowering the minds through mirror writing

Naresh Kumar Sukumaran

By V. Sankara

KUALA LUMPUR: There are many motivational and self-development books available in the market today but only a handful authored by Malaysians, including the ‘The Basics’ An Adventure Starts With Your Own Abilities penned by IT engineer Naresh Kumar Sukumaran.

However, there is a twist to Naresh Kumar’s book in motivating the readers in accomplishing their goals in life. Readers have to decipher his message written using mirror writing, which also helps to unravel the power of their minds.

“I always wanted to publish a book that could serve as a motivation and reminder for fellow young Malaysians not to give up on their dreams easily but wanted to challenge their minds too in the process of doing so.

“Therefore, I introduced a novel way of writing a book, using the mirror writing concept,” said the 29-year-old who hails from Johor Baharu in an exclusive interview with Bernama recently.

Mirror writing refers to writing in the opposite direction of the given language and it appears as normal writing when seen in the mirror. This form of writing is also associated with left-handed people with many famous names including the genius of antiquity Leonardo da Vinci is said to have used this form of writing.

Writing letters in reverse order can also help the elderly with deteriorating brain condition like Alzheimer or slow learners like those with dyslexia to read and digest information.

Asked on how mirror writing will benefit the readers of his book who want to develop or motivate themselves, Naresh Kumar said when readers gaze into the mirror and read the words that is written in his book, they will start to reflect on the quality of relationship they have within themselves and will experience a profound shift in their mindsets.

“Basically, you can hold this book in front of your mirror, flip the pages and read. Mirrors can elicit intense emotions in us. They can also be highly useful instruments for altering our viewpoint and exposing facets of ourselves that are hidden as we stare out into the future,” he added.

The author also said that he wanted to send a strong message to the youths by publishing the book, reminding them to try something different in life and do not hesitate to approach something from a distinctive angle.

“If it is truly your passion and dream, bring it in the way until you can achieve whatever you have started. I have implied the same in bringing this mirror-written book to everyone.

“I am confident that you can do the same as well. Don’t let your self-doubt and qualms overcome you. You are the master so you are the one in control,” he added.

On what inspired him to write the book, Naresh Kumar said he had read various books of different genres from body language to personal development and was inspired by the power and truth they imparted on their readers.

“This in return gave me the motivation to write my first book in the self-development genre to empower youths of his generation.

“The readers at some point of reading might get a reality slap,” he said, adding the book was launched on March 7 with some 82 copies sold to date.

Commenting on the challenges he went through writing his book, he said the research on the book took him almost four years and during the course of writing he had trouble balancing his career and in completing the manuscript.

“So, I had to burn the midnight oil and sacrifice my time. But this didn’t stop me, though. I kept pushing myself until I was satisfied with my final manuscript.

 “Money was also another concern since this is a self-published book. However, I found a way to finance my publication,” he said, adding he took almost a year to master and practice mirror writing, a nuanced art which is said to be difficult to master.

The Multimedia University graduate who resides in Cyberjaya currently said the ideas and motivation of geniuses like Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein served as guidance to his work, not forgetting local novelists and poets such as Datuk Seri A. Samad Said and Usman Awang.

Naresh Kumar said the Malaysia Book of Records has certified that ‘The Basics’: An Adventure Starts With Your Own Abilities as the first ‘Mirror Writing’ book published in the country.

“The Basics has also become the first book written by a Malaysian author to be nominated for the TCK Publishing’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2021,” said the author who has plans coming up with his second book which is more diverse than his first venture.

The book which comes in normal and mirror writing concept can be bought at RM29.90 at Google Play Book and efforts are being made to make it accessible to online platforms and local bookstores.

For more information, please contact Naresh Kumar at 010-213 5706. – Bernama