Empowerment programme to enhance cooperation

The participant of the programme during District Officer of Tanjung Manis Ismail Kasah’s briefing session.

TANJUNG MANIS: Cooperation between community leaders such as Ketua Kaum and the Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) is vital for any positive development to take place in any settlement or village.

To strengthen such cooperation, Tanjung Manis district yesterday held an event called Community Empowerment Programme at the Kampung Jerijeh Baru community hall for community leaders and members of the JKKKs in the area.

Held in strict compliance with the standard operating procedures (SOPs), the event was attended by the committees and leaders comprising JKKK representatives from four villages, namely three JKKKs from Kampung Jerijeh Baru, 11 JKKKs from Kampung Belawai, three JKKKs from Kampung Rajang and two longhouse JKKKs from Semalau River.

During the programme, Tanjung Manis was assigned with a new district officer, Ismail Kasah who is from Matu and formerly serving as the Mukah district administrative officer.

A total of 52 participants attended the empowerment programme.