Emulate Muhammad and his companions, Muslims told

Talib deliver his speech during the talk at the Kampung Jepak Darul Makmur Mosque.

BINTULU: Muslims have been urged to emulate the leadership of Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Integrity and Ombudsman) Datuk Talib Zulpilip said this was because they had a high level of integrity, honesty and trust when carrying out their tasks.

He explained that leaders who practise integrity in leadership in an organisation will produce good and transparent administration.

“Today, if you look at many Muslim-majority countries, they are unstable because the leaders do have integrity in their leadership and administration.

“In fact, in one analysis, Islamic governments fall because of corruption, abuse of power and other problems.

“This has made the community backward and chaotic,” he said during a talk programme on integrity held in connection with the Maulidur Rasul celebration organised by the Integrity and Ombudsman Unit (Union) and Sarawak Islamic Department (JAIS) Bintulu at Kampung Jepak Darul Makmur Mosque last Friday night (Oct 30).

He said Muslims must set themselves as good examples for other communities.

“I pray and hope that Muslims would have a spirit of unity based on integrity, and emulate the integrity of Prophet Muhammad and his companions, he said.

Talib, who is Jepak assemblyman, also praised the people of Kampung Jepak for being united in order to live in peace and harmony.

Some 120 people attended the talk entitled ‘Integriti Rasulullah SAW: Teladan Sepanjang Zaman’ delivered by Jais Islamic Affairs officer Ustaz Awang Fakrul Rizan.

The same programme will be held at Bintulu District Mosque on Nov 6, followed by Al-Amin Mosque, Kuala Tatau (Nov 21) and At -Taqwa Mosque, RPR Sebiew (Nov 22).

Among those present were Union director Adana Jed, Kampung Jepak Darul Makmur Mosque chairman Mohammad Kawi and Penghulu Drahman Kawi.