Endemic phase will allow more sectors to reopen

Abdul Rahman Junaidi

KUCHING: Many have breathed a sigh of relief following the Ministry of Health’s announcement that the Covid-19 virus is now classified as endemic, says Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi.

He pointed out that even after two years of battling the virus, the population had always been concerned about its transmission.

“Even Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said it was high time for Malaysians to embrace the fact that the virus would stay in the community and that everyone should learn to live with it.

“This is because every layer of the society must return to normalcy in order for daily life affairs to continue as usual,” said the Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs and DBKU).

At the same time, he also commented on Khairy’s statement about the introduction of new norms by the government to help people return to their normal lives while maintaining safety.

“This proves that the government is very concerned about the fate of society as a whole.

“Certainly, the endemic phase will allow more sectors to reopen as Malaysia achieves herd immunity.”

In addition, Dr Abdul Rahman reminded the people that the new norms must become a way of life, particularly the use of face masks.

“Those who need to undergo quarantine are responsible to stay at home unless they need to seek immediate medical treatment at the hospital.”